Heusberger Subaru. Colorado Springs

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I have chronic fatigue syndrome chronic post traumatic stress fibromyalgia-can't drive etc.I lost my roommate and had to sell 2013 Subaru outback because I can't drive most of the time due to meds or pain!

So yesterday I sold my 2013 Subaru outback! They agreed to come to my home. They said my wire would be sent to my account yesterday!!! I need medicine and my rent was due yesterday!

No show on wire!!! If they sent it too late yesterday it would have been there this morning!!! So far nobody can even tell me if it's even been sent!!! I called Wells Fargo after seeing no wire this morning and they checked to see if there's a wire coming thru this morning-they said no!

I'll update as of now I'm peniless!

I just want to say heusberger Subaru knows how to make a buck. But how they treat you especially if you're home bound. I just want to say thank you for making it work for you!!! They're customer service and keeping in touch is atrocious.

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of!!! They made their big money because you know a rip-off it is selling to ace dealership!!! I was too sick to sell myself.

So from the disabled a big -10.Ty

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